Answering the most popular questions

*If you did not find the answer to your question, write to our support team
1. What is my donation used for?
Our organization purchases groceries and other essential supplies at wholesale prices and then delivers them to certain cities in Ukraine.
2. How does it work?
Non-profit organization IneedHelpBY deposits donations into its European and U.S. accounts. Our
volunteers in Warsaw, Poland use the funds to carry out wholesale purchases of products either through specialized small wholesale stores (MAKRO) or from various wholesale warehouses. The goods are then delivered to the humanitarian aid collection center in Warsaw organized by EscoBar, where they are boxed and labelled. Every evening we send several trucks to the border with Ukraine. At the border Ukranian trucks pick up humanitarian aid and deliver it straight to the recipients.
3. Who receives aid in Ukraine?
In Ukraine, the cargo is accepted by persons responsible for the distribution of humanitarian aid, including volunteer associations, charitable organizations, city administrations.
4. Which cities do you deliver products to?
At the moment, we deliver to Kharkiv. Due to the fact that the situation in the country is changing rapidly, it may become difficult to provide and guarantee delivery to certain cities. We are monitoring needs in other cities and trying to set up logistics to deliver aid there as well. A few days ago, with the support of the Red Cross, we managed to ship 1.5 tons of food to Okhtirka, one of the most affected villages in the region currently under blockade.

5. What kind of humanitarian aid do you buy and deliver?
The main goods that we ship include basic food items like cereals, canned food, sugar, salt, milk, etc.
We also monitor the demand from the affected cities and adjust our purchases based on their needs. Hygiene products are often in demand: feminine hygiene products, baby and adult diapers, baby food and other goods, as well as medicine.

6. How can one make sure that the goods are delivered to the recipients?
We ask recipients to take photos and videos of received boxes that are normally marked with our logo stickers. It is difficult to track delivery in real time and each delivery takes up to 5 days due to shelling and cut off transport routes. Delivery to Kharkiv uses detours and stops in places where shelling occurs.
We will publish delivery reports on our website and on Instagram account

7. What are available methods of payment?
En We accept donations via PayPal, Stripe using bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay) or electronic wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay). You can also make a wire transfer to our European or American bank account https://ineedhelpua.org/wires
US users can pay via Zelle.
8. I live in Russia – can I donate safely and not get punished for it?
Until March 10, payments from VISA and MasterCard cards are still working in Russia. After that the only way to make a payment to an organization outside of Russia will be possible with UnionPay cards (if you don’t have one yet, then make sure to get one at your bank). Be sure to use a VPN when you make your donation. Please beware that we cannot guarantee complete security. The situation and the laws are rapidly changing in Russia.
9. Why do I need to enter my e-mail, first and last name when paying?
This information is required by Stripe to identify the payment and to send you a receipt for payment.
You will also receive reports to your specified e-mail with information on how your donation was used.